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Winning messaging and professional execution for political and issue-based campaigns.

We Win the Tough Fights

  • “A political operative turned media maestro.”

    - National Review on Jon Downs
  • “One of the 50 most influential operatives in politics.”

    - Roll Call on Terry Nelson
  • “His work ethic and strategic thinking helped him rise to the top.”

    - Campaigns & Elections on Danny Diaz
  • "Very smart, and good at thinking several moves down the chessboard."

    - The Washington Post on Rob Jesmer
  • "What Diaz brings to the task is not just his wit and partisan fervor, but a taste for hard work."

    - Time Magazine on Danny Diaz
  • “How did the most endangered House Republicans hold onto their seats? Ask this ad man, who crafted most of their commercials.”

    - Politico on Jon Downs

Danny Diaz

Founding Partner

Jon Downs

Founding Partner

Dave DenHerder

Dave DenHerder

Partner, Public Affairs

Mark Walpole

Partner, Production

Annie Kelly Kuhle

Senior Vice President, Political

Brock Lowrance

Senior Vice President, Political

Eric Sutton

Senior Vice President, Public Affairs

Ryan Williams

Senior Vice President, Communications

Janiece Cheap


Amanda Thomas

Director, Media Production

Dean Kontos

Deputy Director, War Room