Meet Our Team

Winning messaging and professional execution for political and issue-based campaigns.

We Win the Tough Fights

  • “A political operative turned media maestro.”

    - National Review on Jon Downs
  • “One of the 50 most influential operatives in politics.”

    - Roll Call on Terry Nelson
  • “His work ethic and strategic thinking helped him rise to the top.”

    - Campaigns & Elections on Danny Diaz
  • "Very smart, and good at thinking several moves down the chessboard."

    - The Washington Post on Rob Jesmer
  • "What Diaz brings to the task is not just his wit and partisan fervor, but a taste for hard work."

    - Time Magazine on Danny Diaz
  • “How did the most endangered House Republicans hold onto their seats? Ask this ad man, who crafted most of their commercials.”

    - Politico on Jon Downs