Joe Mansour

Partner, Digital


Joe Mansour co-leads the digital practice at FP1 Strategies specializing in using cutting-edge digital tactics to win public affairs fights.

Amongst other successes, he was the lead digital strategist behind the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s successful campaign for a national GMO labeling standard and Charter Communications’ merger with Time Warner Cable.

Prior to setting up FP1’s digital practice, he served as the digital director at Public Notice later, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, Mansour built and managed an eight-person team that ran all online advertising, website development, digital content creation, analytics, and social media monitoring for the organization and its numerous allied groups.

At Public Notice, Joe masterminded the launch of Spendopedia, a Wikipedia-like resource of wasteful government spending whose unveiling was featured in The Washington Times. Spendopedia was referred to as “a new sheriff in town… going after the big, wasteful spenders” by Citizens Against Government Waste.

Mansour also oversaw the production over several innovative web series including a parody of The Office about the government’s yearly practice of “use it or lose it,” which won an award from IJ Review for “out of the box” use of digital media.

During the 2012 election cycle, Joe was recruited by DC-London and a coalition of center-right organizations to run a cutting-edge social media war room that tracked social media sentiment on relevant policy issues and then shaped the narrative via compelling content, memes, influencer outreach and other digital tactics.

In 2011, Mansour joined No Labels to run their digital department where he recruited a supporter base of a half-million high-value voters via savvy, low-cost online advertising and organic outreach efforts.

Prior to that, Joe joined the digital agency the David All Group as its first employee in 2007 and helped the firm grow to nearly 20 staff over four years. In that time he consulted for numerous clients like PhRMA, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), Senator Marco Rubio, then-Congressman Jeff Flake, The Heritage Foundation, among others.

Mansour got his start in politics and digital media working as a press aide on Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard’s 2006 senatorial bid in Michigan.

Joe is a graduate of Kalamazoo College, and was born and raised in Michigan. He currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife, Samantha, and their handsome dog, Theo.