Mark Walpole

Partner, Production


Mark is the visual force behind FP1’s production team.  He comes to FP1 from a career in the feature film and television industry, where over nearly 20 years, he worked his way up through the ranks of the camera department on countless prominent feature films and television series, including Hannibal, Wedding Crashers, Minority Report, The Fog of War, Syriana, The West Wing, and The Wire.

The thousands of hours Mark has spent working on high-level, big-budget film sets has made his experience an invaluable asset to FP1.  With nearly two decades of experience working closely with Oscar winning directors, cinematographers, editors, and colorists, Mark has developed a keen ability to not only create beautiful story-driven images, but has a deep understanding of how to preserve organic emotion throughout the entire process —a key component of what elevates FP1’s work.

Mark lives with his wife, and three sons in Alexandria, Virginia.