By FP1 Strategies

FP1 partnered with Protect Freedom PAC to run an IE campaign to support conservative Madison Cawthorn in the Republican primary in NC-11.

This victory was notable because Cawthorn’s opponent, Lynda Bennett, had been endorsed by President Trump and his chief of staff, former Congressman Mark Meadows. To overcome these challenges, FP1 produced three hard-hitting ads that focused on Cawthorn’s rock-ribbed conservative bona fides of being pro-gun, pro-life and in support of President Trump’s border wall.  We also seized on audio of Lynda Bennett declaring herself to be a Never Trumper during the 2016 campaign to cast doubt on her true allegiance to the Trump agenda.

“Madison Cawthorn is a dynamic next-generation conservative leader,” said FP1 partner Chris LaCivita. “Madison is going to be an important voice in our party for years to come. He will bring a fresh perspective that will help the GOP connect with younger voters.”

“This was a hard-fought primary. Our team at FP1 is proud to have partnered with Protect Freedom PAC to help Madison Cawthorn secure the GOP nomination in NC-11,” said FP1 founding partner Danny Diaz. “Madison is going to be a great Republican member of Congress.”

Watch the FP1 ads from the NC-11 primary:


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