Our Services

Winning messaging and professional execution for political and issue-based campaigns.


The struggle of any organization or business is to break through and make a real, lasting impression with the target audiences who further their cause.  This can only be accomplished by demonstrating message discipline, creativity and a commitment to advocacy, ensuring decision makers are hearing from both the grasstops as well as the grassroots.

FP1 has led the fight on campaigns with diverse issues ranging from patent reform to preventing a nuclear Iran.  We have won tough battles, from expanding drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf for the first time in 23 years, to paving the way for InBev’s takeover of Anheuser-Busch and stopping the Employee Free Choice Act legislation, as well as passing dozens of bills locally and nationally on various issues, including health care, energy and transportation.

Founded on the modern day reality that political power is derived in the home states and districts of elected officials, with our extensive campaign background – and a top-notch team of bi-partisan field operatives skilled in both political and corporate arenas – FP1 provides a unique, effective approach to achieving goals, seizing opportunities and solving problems for clients.

We identify and mobilize the appropriate constituencies at the local and district level and transform them into persuasive communicators.  We craft messages and frame the debate; then we develop coalitions to help deliver the message of the campaign and advocate to their members and policy makers.

In addition to managing a variety of high-stakes public affairs and advocacy campaigns, FP1 brings significant experience working with corporate clients involved in complex matters requiring litigation and crisis communication strategies.


We combine political expertise with unmatched production quality to create television, radio and digital advertising that captures imaginations and drives the debate.

FP1 writes and produces advertising that is inspired, fresh, and cuts through the clutter of typical political and issue ads.  The utmost importance is placed on creating advertising that is emotionally and intellectually compelling – with an overall tone that viewers find to be informational, honest and persuasive – not standard spin.

Our team provides full service media research, planning and placement.  Utilizing demographic, geographic and psychographic targeting, we ensure the right message reaches the right people at the right time – and at the right cost.  We will also provide your team with real time intelligence on our opponents’ activities before their spots even hit the air.


We understand that political influence is derived from concerned citizens in the home states and districts of federal and state officials.  Ensuring that those people are seated around the table and engaged in the discussion can be the difference maker.  FP1 offers traditional grassroots lobbying services as well as other unique and related services, such as grasstops personalized communications, membership activation, in-state coalition building, targeted media relations, opinion leader education and online advocacy.

Multi-state issue campaigns can be challenging and complex propositions.  FP1 has the experience and relationships to manage and run an effective campaign across multiple states.  Each state is different, and while the elements of a successful effort cut across state lines, we realize the need for specific and individualized operations to reach policy makers.  We will help you identify partners in the state, engage voters and target key policy makers.  State legislatures move fast and our experience will get you results.

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to break through the noise and stand out in a crowd.  Working with third-party organizations can help build the intellectual and political support you need.  Many of these groups are sophisticated about politics and the legislative process and are willing to engage on your behalf.  They can lend credibility, a unique perspective and their brand to your campaign.  FP1 has years of experience working with both policy-oriented think tanks and issue-based advocacy groups.  We have relationships with the leaders of these organizations and understand how best to work with them to achieve the desired results.  We will develop a plan, make the connections and execute with strategic focus.


With a full service digital practice, FP1 Strategies executes complex, multi-channel digital marketing campaigns that ensure our clients win.

Our messaging is research-tested and informs our award-winning creative, which we closely monitor and optimize based on data-derived insights.  We find it’s the correct mix of digital, mobile and social channels that ensures our message reaches the right audience at the right time, delivering the largest impact.  We provide:

* Cutting edge web development for clean, dynamic and secure web properties

* Compelling content on social and email to raise money, educate voters and drive activism

* Around-the-clock social media monitoring to track and get-ahead of emerging trends

* Highly targeted, constantly optimized digital advertising

FP1 Strategies gets results for our clients and will help you win the tough fights with an aggressive and effective digital campaign.


There are few people in national politics or business that have the rolodex and relationships that we have built with both national and regional reporters and outlets.  The art of sharing information and ensuring someone’s story is told accurately and effectively can only be accomplished by credible brokers who have experience and proven track records.

Making the necessary preparations with regard to research, training and operations can frequently prevent difficult predicaments from taking place and maximize opportunities to convey a message.  However, when crises beyond your control develop, having an expert who has successfully navigated through complex situations in the past will make all the difference, especially when an organization’s brand, reputation and stock value are on the line.  The political and public affairs experience of our team and ability to execute rapid-response operations will give you the edge in a tough environment.


FP1 Strategies draws on the lessons learned from winning some of the biggest races in American politics to advise international candidates and parties on their elections.

Our team has operated at the upper echelons of American politics for more than two decades, running presidential campaigns, heading up major party committees, and writing, producing and placing nearly one billion dollars of television, digital and radio advertising.

Internationally, we have worked in 31 countries, spanning five continents. Most recently, we have consulted with the European People’s Party, the Liberal Central Union in Lithuania, the People’s United Party in Belize and Barisan Nasional in Malaysia. We also produced the advertising for Ivan Duque’s successful presidential campaign in Colombia in 2018.

International political campaigns turn to FP1 for our expertise in managing the media, as well as crafting data-driven messages and voter contact programs. The foundation of every FP1 campaign, domestically and internationally, is extensive research into our candidates, our opponents and the voters.  After compiling traditional opposition research and vulnerability studies, we conduct several rounds of polling and focus groups to inform the development of a strategic roadmap.  We then infuse the entire campaign operation with sophisticated uses of data.

The rise of the Internet and data analytics have revolutionized American politics, empowering candidates in our country to precisely target their messages to the voters they most need to persuade and mobilize. We offer a complete tool box of data analytics and targeting techniques to improve the efficiency of our international candidates’ advertising and field programs, making it possible to communicate the right messages to the right voters at the right time. With our targeting tools, campaign dollars will go farther and the effectiveness of your voter contact and organizing efforts will be enhanced.  Recognizing that different countries have different laws governing privacy, we are able to deploy tactics that reflect legal requirements, while still providing the benefits of modern targeting techniques.

FP1 also provides international clients with creative advertising services that have repeatedly received the most prestigious awards in America. We know how to use the power of advertising and the viral potential of the Internet to connect the stories and personalities of our candidates with the concerns of their voters.

As your campaign consultant, FP1 will engage directly with your strategy team and party leadership to help you develop and implement a campaign plan that is strategically aligned with the concerns of your voters, responsive to the unique political culture of your country, and supported by our industry’s best practices. If requested, we will also embed a senior member of FP1 with your in-country team for key intervals of the campaign, including the stretch run to Election Day.