Mark Walpole is a partner at FP1 Strategies. Walpole came to FP1 after spending 20 years in the television and film industry, where he worked closely with Oscar-winning directors and cinematographers. As FP1’s director of photography, Walpole is the visual force behind FP1’s production team. With thousands of hours spent working on entertainment sets and shoots, Walpole brings high-level production expertise that sets FP1’s work apart from traditional political firms. In addition to overseeing the shoot process, Walpole provides leadership and management to FP1’s 15-person production staff.


Career Highlights:

  • Worked on feature films such as Wedding Crashers, Minority Report and Hannibal
  • Worked on television shows such as West Wing and the Wire
  • A leader in the creative team that has won 59 Pollie Awards and 32 Reed Awards


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